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Welcome to Heyblue Residence.

Located in Stelida the cycladic residence is a collection of two villas and is perfect for couples, a family reunion or vacations with your friends.

The exquisite location is offering all-encompassing views over the endless Aegean blue.

The villas stand in a tranquil natural setting on the south-west of Naxos Chora. The elevated position of the residence, which appears to be suspended between sky & sea, affords panoramic views of the sparkling Aegean, nearby islands and surrounding countryside. Just 800 metres from the beautiful sandy beach of Aghios Prokopios, the villa enjoys the seclusion of a small bay just in three minutes walking distance. Aghios Prokopios is washed by calm, crystal clear, shallow waters, making it ideal for couples as well as for families, even when it is windy elsewhere on the island. And for a change of pace, the cafes, restaurants and shops of the main town and port are only a short drive away.

Located in Stelida, Heyblue Aura and Anima, authentic cycladic houses, split between two levels and each place is perfect for couples, a family reunion or vacations with your friends.

The place embraces earth, sea & sky. 

Best things in life are the people we love, the places we've been, and the memories we've made along the way.

The whole residence features a main courtyard, outdoor cosy sitting areas in both levels and balconies with breathtaking views over the sea and nearby islands. At night, the shimmering stars feel almost within reach.

Sea life's beauty

Sit. Relax. Enjoy.

Come out of your shell

Dream. Explore. Discover.

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